Mayogi Coffee
Northern Province, Gicumbi

The cooperative is made up of 381 farmers who tend to the hills of Gicumbi, an ideal climate for strong flowering leading to highly productive trees. The cooperative owns a wet mill to produce well-sorted, fully washed coffee. Mayogi Coffee received a Presidential Award and finished as the first runner up in the 2018 Cup of Excellence with a cupping score of 90.06. In 2020, Mayogi cut the ribbon on their new cupping lab, allowing them to develop and enhance their coffee production from seed to cup.

Gashonga Coffee Cooperative
Western Province, Rusizi

The Gashonga Coffee cooperative in Rusizi district started in 2009. The co-op’s members earn diversified incomes, tending to not just coffee but also livestock such as cows and hens. The cooperative entered their coffee in the 2015 Cup of excellence with a score of 86.7, which earned seventh place. Gashonga Coffee has been Fairtrade certified since 2014.

Twongere Umusaruro Wa Kawa
Eastern Province, Kayonza

twongere Umusaruro, or tUK for short, was one of the first two cooperatives selected for Sustainable Growers program. This female-driven co-op has since graduated from the program and stands as a leader in cooperative governance nationwide, with their former president now advising other cooperatives on organization and structure. Here in Rwanda, TUK’s coffee is used as the base blender for Question Coffee’s best-selling wholesale espresso blend.

Abakundakawa Rushashi
Northern Province, Gakenke

Located in the northern part of Rwanda, this co-op has been registered by the Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) since 2007. Its members grow coffee trees at high altitude in the hills, making for an incredible cup. Abakundakawa Rushashi was the first co-op to promote women in Rwanda’s value chain through the Hinga Kawa women’s association. The co-op strives for coffee quality and social well-being of its farmers: Its coffee washing station is Fairtrade certified, and it was the first Rwandan co-op to apply for organic certification.

Southern Province, Nyaruguru

Nyampinga, a name that translates to "Beautiful Women," is a women’s cooperative in southern Rwanda. Nyampinga was one of the first two cooperatives enrolled in the Sustainable Growers program. In three years they increased production from under one 1KG per tree to over 2.2KG as well as reaching specialty grade cupping scores. The women of Nyampinga cooperative now operate a successful coffee business harvesting cherries and operating their own washing station.

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