Speciality Coffee Masterclass

Immerse yourself in coffee culture, history, making and tasting to discover unimaginable beauty and abundance

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Masterclass Description:

Ready to take a deep dive into how your coffee makes its way from seed to cup? Here in the heart of coffee country, we invite you to learn how Rwanda’s world class coffee is grown, harvested, roasted, brewed and served. Guests will pick coffee cherries straight from the trees in our coffee garden, then experience the transformation from seed to cup, including smelling, tasting and making your very own coffee blend that you can take home! Our coffee also makes for great gifts to bring home to your friends and family and for your own home brewing.

Cost: $70 foreigner, $50 Rwandan and EAC residents; per person
Duration: 2 hours

Booking 24 hours in advance
Negative COVID-19 Test Results & Mask

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