What does ‘give back’ really mean?
November 14, 2015

Why did we create Question Coffee™?

We want to answer the question: Do consumers care about sustainability? And we want you to join in the discussion.

The status quo of coffee isn’t sustainable. Smallholder coffee farmers produce 80% of the world’s coffee, but they are an aging populace—in Colombia, for example, the average age of a farmer is around 55 years old. Farmers are often paid below cost of production, making it difficult to for them to maintain their farms. Who will grow our coffee in the future if coffee production is no longer profitable business for young people?

Growing delicious coffee requires agronomic knowledge, but many farmers have little access to training and support. Unless we pay farmers a fair price and help connect them to valuable resources, the future of specialty coffee is uncertain.

Question Coffee Chemex

Question Coffee™ is trying to change that. We invite anyone in the coffee value chain—whether you’re a grower, roaster, grocery store, or consumer—to join our movement. We invite you to add your unique value and support this experiment to see if fully sustainable supply chains can succeed in the modern economy.

Question Coffee™ is not about one company, or even one industry. It’s about a simple question that has the power to transform business for the better.